Secondly, the list of my belongings is attached. Sell them, take your “mihr-i muaccel”
and “mihr-i mueccel” from the money that will be seized, have me read a mevlut with the top side.

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If these do not pay my debt to you, let me know and Don’t forget the promise
between us on the first night…” Also, a hair bundle tied to a red ribbon comes out of the
letter. The freshness of the hair shows that it has been cut from the head of a tiny little baby.

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That’s when everyone learns that Zahid is married and has a baby named Nadide. Because Zahid First Lieutenant left the thought of his children behind when he came to the front. And

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during the war, he neither thought of going home by asking permission nor did he say a
word about it. r.Zahid was martyred on January 9, 1916. First Lieutenant Zahid from the How Much House Can I Afford
Şiran district of Gümüşhane ends the letter he wrote to Ahmet Efendi’s daughter, wife
Hanife Hanım, from the Kılıç Mehmet Bey village of Aziziye district, and declared his will,with the following sentence: “This is my will. I am not willing to let you cry loudly when you

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receive it. In the first great battle I entered in Arıburnu, a bullet went through my right side
and my pants, thank God I survived. He made me a soldier, again as a divine destiny. You
raised me in whatever way possible to serve the homeland and nation, due to being my

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parent. Thank you very much. It is time to deserve the money that the nation has given me
so far. If I pray to the flesh, I will believe that I am the most beloved servant of Allah. Since I
am a soldier, this is always very close to me, my dear father and mother. My wife Münevver,
who is the baby of my eyes, and my son Nezih, first of all, the second of Allah Almighty
entrusted to you. Please do whatever is possible about them. Please count my son’s
education and upbringing, along with my dignity. Give it a way that will remove that sadness.
He will cry, he will be sad, of course, console him. Such is the divine destiny. One day, in a
sea, at eighteen, twenty meters, a small fish approached my ear… He said do you know fish…
I don’t know… I immediately shook my head. He said listen, I’ll tell you a secret… I said what
is it… Bubbles came out of my mouth with curiosity… The little fish said I’m in love… He ate the fish, the sea urchin… I said softly what is your name.. Is it my name? I don’t know… He
said I don’t have a name, I’m a fish… What if I call you a little china fish? I said… He said if it
will make you happy… Maybe it will. Who knows.. He said my name should be a small china
fish, we swam, we swam, we swam… I said I am tired, should we take a rest? He looked at
me, said okay little china fish… let’s rest. I couldn’t understand why he was looking at my
face, should I ask; I couldn’t ask, there was a question left in my mouth and the little china
fish realized it.. I got up right away, where were we swimming? He said we should swim
somewhere, I don’t know, I said involuntarily I don’t know… We were just swimming, said
the little china fish. Isn’t that enough for you… Enough, I said enough. I said but.. Something strange stirred inside me, I couldn’t name it. We just kept swimming, just like that… It’s like a
love that I’ve been dreaming about for years, without a goal, where my heart just warms up
when I hold your hand.. We were just swimming… why is that? Let’s break up if you want,
we’re getting closer to him.. Is it him? Who is he? How quickly did you forget… my secret,
the one I fell in love with… A sip of silence knotted inside me… Now was my time in all that silence? What’s going on with me… It must be oxygen narcosis, I have to go up a bit.. Two
meters, yes yes.. Two meters is enough.. Are you leaving without saying goodbye? What can
I say, aren’t you a dream… Aren’t you the little china fish of my dreams… Gently glided,
snuggled into my cheek, with all the warmth of the cold waters… My tube is about to run
out.. I have to get out.. When you come back?…